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New Cyprus Property

 Please be careful should you buy property in Cyprus as some developers are not the best they could be, we know this from our experience in the Cyprus market since 2001.  Always use an independent lawyer not the developers.

Some people who wanted to buy the bungalow we have for sale have now found out that having sold their own property the developer has not adhered to the building permit and will not sign a cancellation agreement for them to sell, therefore they are now stuck and it could result in a long legal battle with them losing the property they really wanted to buy. These people have Cypriot relations and thought they had done all the right things to buy the original property and did not think for one minute they would have any problems when selling.

Should you have any questions we can help with please do not hesitate to ask us.  We will not sell you a property just to gain payment, we would rather have your confidence and no sale until we found you something else.